Aron Kamajaya GMP Workshop

Exciting news from Pasadena City College.  Aron Kamajaya, a biotechnology professor, held two Quality/GMP workshops on his campus last week (May 15 and 17, 2018).  Professor Kamajaya received his initial training to present these workshops from the Life Sciences/Biotech sector trainer, Nikita Malavia.

Aron provided us with a number of outcomes from the two events:

  • There was a marked increase in knowledge concerning quality management from pre- to post-workshop
  • A majority wanted more time for the workshop (which indicates they were enjoying it and learning something new)
  • The majority of student attendees were on STEM tracks and had not yet finished their degree or certificate programs (this is ideal since we want them to be exposed to this important aspect of STEM work as early in their career pathway as possible)

The majority of students also reported two outcomes related to softskills:

  • Teamwork in a fast-paced environment
  • Working with others that they have never met before

These workshops were developed to provide students with an introduction to the concepts and processes of quality management.  Nikita has been traveling to various community college campuses to provide training so teachers can implement them in their classrooms and as a recruiting tool.  The workshops are suitable for high school curriculum as well.

Congratulations to Aron on this inaugural workshop!

Tue - work 2Thu - team 1Thu lecture