Welcome to the 2020 Vision: Shoot for the Stars! faculty retreat page.

From Friday, October 11 through Saturday, October 12, 2019, the California Life Sciences/Biotechnology initiative and MiraCosta College will host faculty from around the state.  The theme for the retreat centers around Strong Workforce Stars and the three metrics they encompass:  earnings gains, living wages, and employment in a job similar to their field of study.

The State Chancellor’s Office uses these metrics to make funding decisions for programs throughout California.  This retreat will focus on helping you to find strategies that will keep your program vital and well funded within the Workforce Stars framework.

Registration is FREE.  Financial assistance with travel and hotel accomodation is available for those outside the San Diego/Imperial Region.  We’ve put together a brief guide to hotels in the area (showing proximity to MiraCosta College) and transportation options.  See below (hotel list is best viewed by downloading and opening in a PDF viewer):


MiraCosta College Area Hotels







Map of Area Around MiraCosta College (Click Here for Interactive Map Details)