Quality/GMP Curriculum Training Available

CalBiotechCareers.org is pleased to announce the availability of a trainer for the Quality/GMP “Popcorn” curriculum.
Nikita Malavia holds a PhD in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from UC Irvine.  She worked as a product development engineer for SKS Ocular on the creation and advancement of novel therapies for drug release platforms. 
She is interested in putting her considerable skills to work in the field of biotechnology and life sciences education.  She also works as a private consultant in her field.
Beginning April 2018, Nikita will provide expert assistance to “train the trainers” at both community college and high school levels throughout California so teachers can employ the Quality/GMP Workshop curriculum in their classrooms.
The Quality/GMP workshop is designed to give students an introductory level experience with concepts and practices of quality and good manufacturing processes (GMP) in any laboratory setting. 
Familiarity with quality/GMP is one of the top listed desirable skills sought by today’s employers.  
For more information on scheduling a workshop in your area, please email Heather Holmes at hholmes@sdccd.edu