In 2016, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) introduced a new project:  Industry Sector Projects in Common (ISPIC).  This was intended to link collaborative efforts between multiple community colleges to generate projects that were scalable across regions.

Life Sciences/Biotechnology is one of the top 10 industry sectors in California.  In recent years, the focus has shifted from pure research to the design and manufacture of products.  Thus, biomanufacturing has become one of the largest sources of biotech jobs in the state.


A real-life experience is required in order to prepare students for careers in biomanufacturing.  Most commonly, this experience is referred to as “supply chain” where students prepare one part of a total order (such as agar plates) that will ultimately be combined with other products made elsewhere for delivery to a real life customer.

East Bay colleges in Northern California were engaged in a similar project named “Design It, Build It, Ship It.”  The program was very successful and provided the inspiration for the current supply chain project.

pouring-TSY-plate-SIL21 colleges with biotechnology programs have signed on for ISPIC funding.  While the precise execution of projects varies, all projects include a supply chain portion.

Providing students with supply chain experience gives them industry relevant skills that will enhance their job potential.

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